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Fired custodian accused of contacting more students

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Police said more students are now tied to a Guilderland Central School District custodian who was charged with rape in March. Police said the investigation revealed Raquan Dyson had more contact with students. This time it was through social media only. The school district and police are reminding parents to tellContinue reading “Fired custodian accused of contacting more students”


On the Suspicious Emergence of Nuanced Perspectives.

I don’t know what I find to be more interesting: the Depp and Heard trial itself or some of the reactions to it. For the last day or two, however, I’ve found myself focusing more on certain reactions to it. All throughout the #metoo movement, we were urged to by Feminists to blindly believe theContinue reading “On the Suspicious Emergence of Nuanced Perspectives.”

Musk’s proposed Twitter takeover & its role in digital social infrastructure

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of talk of the public square fuelled by Elon Musk’s recent proposed takeover of Twitter. Many have balked at the idea that a billionaire would entirely control another one of the world’s important social networks, one that has been adopted by academics and politicians asContinue reading “Musk’s proposed Twitter takeover & its role in digital social infrastructure”

Forest Park, St Louis: Revisited in memories

I got this email on the MObirds: Forest Park in St. Louis Named Best City Park in USAAt one time a park in decline, over the past 35 years Forest Park has been restored through a partnership between the private nonprofit conservancy Forest Park Forever, the City of St. Louis and the City’s DepartmentContinue reading “Forest Park, St Louis: Revisited in memories”